Income-Qualified Apartment Homes

Wayfarer makes high-quality apartment living more attainable. We proudly offer a select number of income-qualified apartment homes. These are available through the city of Seattle’s MFTE program.

To qualify for these programs, your household must meet specified income criteria. This varies based on household size and the desired number of bedrooms.

After completing Thrive's standard application and screening process, the Wayfarer team will certify that your household income is eligible for the program associated with the home you've selected. If approved, your income-qualified rent will be capped at a maximum amount for the length of your lease term.

To search for MFTE-rate homes, use the interactive map on our floorplans page and filter by "affordable rent units" in the dropdown menu just above it. You can also browse the floorplans list for apartment types labeled as MFTE.

For more information, please contact our leasing team.